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Pricing for our games range from $10 to $145. Please see below.

Baseball Toss ($55). This baseball game which measures 7 ft tall and 6 ft wide will keep the adults and kids busy for hours.

Duck Pond ($50). Great for the little ones . An electric pump gets the ducks floating around and rotating in a clockwise direction so the kids can choose a duck and get a prize.

Dunk Tank ($145). The unlucky guy or girl gets dunked if the contestant hits the target. Window shows the splashdown.

Football Toss ($55). Contestants try to throw the football in the openings. The game measures 7 ft tall and 6 ft wide.

Horseshoes ($10). Traditional horseshoe game great for a company picnic or event. We have Sack-race game also.

Mr. Ringaling ($35). Throw the ball through the clowns mouth. Great for the smaller kids

Plinko ($35). Just like the price is right. Pucks plink down to the bottom where the winning number can win a prize.

Ring Toss ($35). Throw the rings over the posts to win. Cute for a small backyard carnival or festival.

Soccer Kick ($55). Score the winning goal with this awesome soccer game. 7 ft tall and 6 ft wide. Comes with the soccer balls.

3 in a Row ($35). Just like tic tac toe. Throw the balls into the box to get three in a row.

Tin Can Alley ($45). Throw the ball and try to knock all the milk bottles off the pedestal to win.


Add a fun game or two to the party mix. Give us a call today!


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